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Good Day Everyone !

A note about my blog if you do not see the current date ,please scroll down to find the word HOME or NEWEST to get to the most recent post on my blog. Have a great day everyone !!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Busy As A Bee

I have been so busy cleaning house , changing rooms around and going thru my old magazines the past week.

Then helping my son out who had surgery and he is doing fine. He had his stitches out and was walking with a cane, but now off the cane yeah ! So slowly he is getting bettter but the numbness in his leg is still there, but in time I pray that will go away !

Anyone out there watching the Olympics. I am the only one watching in my home.  As I watch the Olympics I am going thru papers and getting rid of most but my keep my good pile of recipes and personal items of my kids.  So my pile of keep is very tiny. I find that after 11 pm there is even more good stuff on the Olympics to watch. So I get even more done as I multi task.

Swimming, Gymastics,Equestrian,Kayak, Fencing, are just a few sports I watch.  I enjoy the stories on the country tidbits here and there.

I have my new camera and when I charge the battery I will start loading up more photo's.  So enjoy the summer and stay cool as a cucumber ~

Friday, July 20, 2012


Oh yes these are my figs from our tree. This tree is older than 19 years old and this year it gave us the biggest figs ever. They were so good so we ate them all fresh with cheese ,bread and wine.

Four more days til I get my new camera so enjoy browsing my blog and happy summer to you all ~

Cappuccino Maker Inter Works

                               Like a shiny new car, interesting coils to make a machine work ~ need to find a new coil as a back up ~

Busy As A Bee

Today is a busy day today.. But taking time out to clean the dust out of the house which will be back tomorrow. Living in the desert is a love hate relationship. Dust lays on everything and what's worse is if you have allergies.

So getting on with cleaning and preparing for my new mattress ~ box springs , cleaning up two rooms, you know that mopping and getting up more dust, moved a dresser near the kitchen to use as an extra pantry for foods. Works perfectly.  Have to hang two curtain rods then make some curtains in the den area. So my time is rather crazy now. Want to sand the stairs so that will come later in the week.

So taking time out to blog a few words , then get some water and get back to work.

Made pearl balls ( ground spiced meat rolled in a sweet rice then steamed last night with carrots and cucumbers, but then I remember I have no camera. Argggg ~Bummer
Well supper was a hit and so easy to make.  Ok got to go get some work done ~ Son is walking more after surgery but still in pain. ciao

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Adventures Of The Nikon Camera

Ok here we go again with camera problems. I have never~did I say never had so many problems with Nikon that I think the company should send me the latest cool pix thin pocket camera's to test out. I dare them to use me as a tester for that camera brand ~

If it is not one thing it's another.  This time the new camera I swapped out for my really nice coolpix touch screen which I miss dearly was for the L810.   This camera would never focus for me what so ever. Ok I can hear you now saying she just did not know how to use her camera . Yes I have been told this (by someone who has not picked up a camera in more than 30 years)but I knew how to work my camera thank you very much.. The flash would not flash, when it came time to shoot a pic it would zoom in, then out, then in, and out again and the works did not know what to do with  subject.  By that time when it finally focused or did not, the subject had left layed down or wanted out the door. Which I am talking about my dog. The macro well forget that it blurred every time.  It has 3D you could use but that is not good on your eyes so I would never have used that function....but this is a CrAzY adventure of just trying to use a camera to take photo's.~~~ the standard photo never worked right for me.. Still zoom in and out it became to silly to even turn the camera on anymore.

Miss my first red coolpix touch camera . The sketch function I miss the most and moving the photo's along with my finger to find what I want to look at in my files.the photo's came out GREAT, and I was really good at using this camera with one hand when trying to hold something still to take a photo like my roses . I could just pull this camera put with one hand flip the lid open and get it perfect in my hand and shoot. Then bam the lense went out on me again and I had to take it back 5 times to finally get a different camera.    But the lense assembly I had to replace time and time again.

Ok you guessed it I took back the L810  for a different camera.   Yes no more Nikon we will go to a Canon and see how well this camera does.

Not much of a selection of cameras at this big named store BB  they are mainly black in color. Hey guys not everyone wants a black camera some people like color on their camera's. You have to order it thru them and the color camera's are more expensive.  But I would never walk out of one of these stores with out a 3 year warranty. They use to have a 4 year warrranty for electronics but for some reason they took a year off that plan. So 3 years it will be. The cute card under the black cameras which show alternative colors showed a pink and carribean turquoise color but after getting my paper work done it said I wanted the green camera.

One more thing guys who design the sample cards, you need to get your color charts right.  Because that sample color was turquoise not green and the red was not pink. Someone is so color blind. So now not sure what kind of green /turquoise camera I will receive. As long as it works I will be just fine !!!

Ok so anyone want to bet on how long this Canon will function. I hope this will not happen again but I was told get a Canon and it is not made in China. I read lots of reviews with some people not happy but overall more people happy with this camera.  So I pick it up in a week so lets hope for the best this will be the perfect one that works to make my memories !!! Argggggggg

Waiting For News

Yesterday was a very busy day. My middle son had to have lower back surgery on his lower spine. It was a 2 hour surgery and all went well. I have no idea what happen to the two hours or the whole day but mainly I slept in the chair in the waiting room.  Hubby read a book but I am sure if I asked him about his ready he would not be able to tell you one word about his read. Dil paced at times and played games on her game unit and we chatted about the long wait after my son got into the recovery room. The waiting was long when there were no beds to place people in after they finished with recovery . Me doth protest like they booked to many surgeries !!! Roll them in and now what where do the people go in all these beds. By 5 pm my son had a bed for his overnight stay.

Next day the 18th he is on his way home long drive thru the mountains then home to recover better. Has to use a walker to get around. Still in pain but thankfully in time that will all go away. We all do better in our own homes.

 They say no news is good news so I e-mailed everyone when I got home . I need a new phone that works,this one is older than dirt ~   Only know so much to share, can't say more of the good Dr and people who worked on my son. Blessings~ Now time to recover .

Monday, July 16, 2012

Surprise Graduation Cake And Character

My son graduated with his Bachelors Degree and this is the cake his wife made him,a German Chocolate Cake for his surprise party she gave for him. 

 I made the character of my son with his favorites. His lap top computer with mouse,a school book filled with pages ,a bottle of hot sauce, candy ,diploma with tassel ,cross from his first degree, hot dog with mustard, a taco,and that tooth pick . Also his favorite shirt batman. Congrats son proud of you !!!

Cherry Stems

This is my creative side today~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I made a cherry stem bird's nest out of the stems from the cherries.   I will be pitting the cherries later today for pies.  It came out pretty cute with the sugar eggs.

Oh Boy Salad

Yes my dog loves salads with a bit of ranch dressing . I will sit there eating my salad one day ,and he has these droopy eyes just begging me to have a taste of my salad. So I gave him some and he has been hooked ever since. He only like the lettuce, carrots and red peppers. Amazing ~

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vintage Japanese Sewing Box

 I am thrilled to finally find a Japanese sewing box and I am so excited. It came straight from Northern Japan, and I am amazed at how fast it arrived.   Been looking for a long time ,so this is my early and I mean early birthday present for this year. To cool for words ~~~~~

Now to make a fitted stuffed pin cushion for the top of the box which has the lid open. I have to be exact so the lid will close when not in use. I will also make it a bit over sized to fit easy in the space . I think I will make a few different pin cushions so I can swap them out for the seasons. Now to select from my stash of Japanese fabrics.

 It also has a ruler on the side which you can see a slight bit which slides into the raised side section too cute !!!

Time To Shed

Mr. Man chewing on an organic bone ,and he is shedding his winter coat. He has a ways to go ! Doesn't he look cute in his two toned coat ~~~~~~

Monday, July 9, 2012

Did You Know ???????

  Went grocery shopping today, and strolled by the fruit aisle last. Then I kept smelling something grapish. I saw these apples and could not believe my eyes or my smell !  Have you ever tried a GRAPPLE APPLE???????

You could have knocked my socks plum off when I saw this crazy smelling apple. It smells just like grape popscicles or grape soda.. they come from Washington state.   Will let you know how I like them later today ! 

Don't you just love the label a surfing monkey with an afro~ hang ten~

Note July 10~ tried the apple and it taste like a grape soda ,but a faint taste really good~

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Camp Fire Sweet Potato's

     Since we are not going camping any time soon I decided to make my Camp Fire Sweet Potato's. Tear off nice square sheets of tin foil lay them on your table. Wash and slice thin one extra large sweet potato,add dollops of butter ,cinnamon, peel and slice up fresh 2 peaches-two to three slices per tin foil square,sprinkle with coconut, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Wrap up the tin foil into packets and bake for 30 minutes on low .

Dinner was steamed broccoli,open faced smoked BBQ beef my son made for the 4th of July,and my camp fire sweet potato's. The drink for the night was my home made Sangria ,and dessert was southern homemade biscuits topped with whip cream , raspberries and blueberries .  Yumme~

Friday, July 6, 2012

Raspberry & Blueberry Liquors

  Jumped out of bed this morning exercised,showered & dressed then sprang downstairs to get too work on my two favorite Liquors.  Raspberry & Blueberry !   Will add my herbs after the liquor sits for a few weeks.

Apricot Liquor

         I made a small jar of Apricot liquor for my fruit cake for the holidays the other day. I saw this bag of dried apricots sitting in my cubbard so I decided why not make a liquor !   So I grabbed my bag of apricots and started preparing the fruit.  But now I have to go buy some fresh apricots since I saw some in the grocery store yesterday. Need to hunt down some bigger jars,because when you add the fruit to the jars the liquid rises more to the rim of the jar. So of course that would make less liquor. I also use the fruit in cobblers or make a fruit spreads, so for heavens sake do not toss the fruits even if it is in a mushy state. Use the fruit as a sauce for a pound cake, pancakes or crepes.

Don't you just love the golden color ~

Afternoon Coffee

      Time for a cuppa coffee so topped it off with chocolate and carmel marshmallows. Yumme~

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th Of July

                                           Hope everyone is having a GREAT 4th of July !!!!!

Vegan Sausages

I bought these sausages at Trader Joes and they were the best I have ever had. Will have to go back and buy some more.  We did not miss the meat, because if we did not know they were vegan you would swear they were meat filled. Will have to buy again and try them out on the grill . By the way that is olive oil in the pan not grease.


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