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Good Day Everyone !

A note about my blog if you do not see the current date ,please scroll down to find the word HOME or NEWEST to get to the most recent post on my blog. Have a great day everyone !!!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011


Hors d' Oeuvres 
Ok for tonight is bourbon hot dogs but made with an organic chicken and apples hot dogs,
Mexican cheese dip made with Velvetta Cheese, Ortego tomato with green chilies,and one tamale,
Taco chips ,
Olive cheese balls,
Mini Quiches,
Hot Lobster,Shrimp and Scallop dip served with a multi grain cracker
Steamed brocolli and carrots
Mini pizzas,  just bought the flat bread will add the topping of mushrooms, cheese, tomato,fresh basil,fresh herbs
Haute hot dog in blankets
bruschetta goat cheese
White stilton Mango & Ginger cheese
Sliced Genoa Salami     so now I  have to run and get my self busy in the kitchen so be safe everyone tonight !!!!!
Pomegranate Cranberry bubbly drink

Expresso Cups

Cute cups for expresso! I would have to take an empty suitcase to shop for cute things in Europe !!!

Expresso Coffee

My Christmas gift from son & family expresso coffee and wait til you see my Big expresso coffee maker !!! It's a whopper !!

Expresso Maker

Well here is my BIG expresso maker from the family living overseas and I almost could not lift this box up LOL!!! IT'S TOO CUTE !!! But I need a gas stove to use this so will try to find a solution to using it over a wood fire. Better yet maybe hubby will buy me a new stove !!!

Italian Candy and Pasta Flour

Awesome as I make Pasta I can have a cup of green tea ,a bit of chocolate !!


Will be fun to make a nice pesto sauce with a grilled chicken to go with this Pasta !

Pasta Pasta Pasta

The family will enjoy this with a meat sauce !!!

Is This Wine or Is This That Motor Oil ????

Digestivo wonder if this is in this bottle???? If so the hubby can drink it all LOL !!!! Confirmed by hubby it is that Digestivo. Love the container so that is my gift, hubby can have the drink !!! I call it motor oil only because of it's thickness when pouring out into a glass!

I love the idea of giving Wine as a gift :) ,I also look at the labels because of the art work,which is endless in ones selection !!!

Balsamic Vinegar

Far Out it got here safe and thrilled ! Have to hunt down some real Mozzrella De Buffalo !!!

Olive Oil From Italy

Got a Box from our oldest and we got a bottle of olive oil. Amazing that it arrived safe and sound !!!!
Some of my ornaments on my tree. The chain was made from an old quilt that was literally falling apart . I do not cut good quilts up I patch them up,but this quult was beyond repair so I sniped and cut til I used evey inch I could. Then the scraps I use as stuffing in pincfushions or other projects. So in essence I used the whole quilt ! This chain wraps around the whole tree and the loops are hooked by saftey pins one looped around the other !.

Wildlife Tree On top Of Piano

I will make new Wildlife ornaments this next year to add to this tiny tree. If we do not take care of the wildlife there will be NONE for our GGGrandchildren to see on this big Blue Marble called Planet Earth.

Giddy Up Horse

Another view !


More of my Western Theme!

Yes It Is Canned !!!

Ok Ok I know they are not homemade but I fancied them up a bit!  I really do not buy the canned sweet rolls,but I bought these at Trader Joes. So when I looked at the label and found these have  No Hydrogenated stuff in them they got tossed into my basket !  I baked the rolls in a glass pie pan ,added pecans on top of the rolls let bake. Remove from oven then I added a bit of the icing on top of the pecan rolls,grated oranger rind,then set them under a broiler to set the sugar on top of the pecans sweetrolls. Watch carefully do not leave or they will burn. After the icing is bubbling,remove from the oven,add cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg ,then add a little more of the icing on top of the sweet rolls. Finger licken good !!!

Breakfast Pecan Rolls

Breakfast today love pecans !! There is a secret to these Cinnamon Rolls.

Friday, December 30, 2011

My Stocking Is Overflowing

My stocking from last years SSSS,ain't it a beauty !!! That bag of popcorn is already gone,and now is the time to read!

In My Stocking

Yeah neat items in my stocking. Love shopping at Trader Joes !! My paternal grandfather always had this candy around it was his favorite !!!

Our Christmas Tree Ye Haw...Giddy Up...

My western tree decked out with toy guns,mini boys and girls boots,mini baskets,western mini purses,bandanas,the cones are from my son's wedding I made for the church pews.  3 stooges ornaments on the wreath at the door,andmy western straw cowgirl hat to top the tree off.

What's In Your Refrigerator?

I have a bottle of Tennessee Honey Whiskey to make Hot Toddy drinks.

 Heat a cup of water or turn on your tea kettle ,place loose tea leaves in a strainer and place in your tea cup. Let tea leaves steep for how dark you want your tea. Light pale color to deep rich autumn color. I find my youngest son likes his tea a light color and I prefer a medium flavor to my tea. Remove tea strainer from your tea cup. Add a squeeze of lemon or lime ,a spoonful of honey,and 2 to 3 Tablespoons of Tennessee Whiskey. Stir and enjoy & feel better  !!!

All Bottled Up !

Container on the left is a bit of strawberry liquor,
6 bottle of plum vinegar,
1 bottle of plum wine,
All harvested from my plum tree which no longer is in the yard.It lasted 19 years so now to plant another tree this Spring !

What's Inside The Tin

Different kinds of cookies from Germany !!! The guys are going crazy over the different kinds of cookies!!!

German Tin

I imagine a lot of my sewing items in this tin but right now it is filled with cookies from Germany!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Buon Natale

My coffee table all decked out for the Holidays. The Santa Buon Natale was made by my good good friend a Christmas present a few years back, but I think I need to go iron it to look better. YIKES ! Was so busy getting everything done this year !!! Can't wait to get it up in my sewing room on the wall ! Christmas thoughts all year round !!!

SSSS My Stocking To Send!

The Kitchen stocking I made from two Christmas towels and added measuring spoons. It looks like they are not even but they are when the stocking is not filled up !! I wanted something different to make so this is what I came up in my design!

SSSS Swap I Received

Here are my items from my swap girl. Love the stocking my favorite colors Whoo hoo !!!! Organic honey,organic trail mix,two different pairs scissors, fabric that wrapped the gifts,and the red ribbon,acron cookie cutter,sled block, a vintage cook book !!! Thank you longjohn I hope this was everything in my torn box LOL . I am shocked to see the button did not fall out of that box enroute !!!! What a button ! See the box on the next page !

Look What Mom Received !!

Awesome ! Inside are inserts that hold tickets to see her show ,post cards and many different items!

Monday, December 26, 2011

German Christmas Dinner

Christmas at my son's home it was so GOOD ! The noodles are direct from Germany a birthday gift from
my oldest son who lives in Europe..

Oh boy A Dinner Plate Just For Me !

He was so excited to get a lobster, stuffed potato, corn on the cob and a dinner roll !

Are These Mine?

Mr Man looking at his presents Christmas Morning!

Pink Baby Fairy Tree

The whole view of my pink table top tree !

Our Christmas Tree

I use western bandanas,small baskets,western ornaments and the cones from my sons wedding I made.

Sugar Cookies

I baked these Christmas Morning,I like them a slight bit crisp with my hot tea !

Time For A Nap!

After a long morning playing with my new Christmas toys time to take a nap with Josh!

Baby It's Cold Outside

So baby it is so cold outside we had to get the house warmed up ,now where are the marshmallows?

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Pistachio/Pecan sweet treat with honey rose water syrup!

Mini Cheesecakes

My mini cheesecakes , cookie crumble with cheesecake and cherry topping!

Babah Au Rum Cake

I soaked this yeast bread in Jamacian Rum and then smeared it with a hot Orange Peel Jam. Inside is a blackberry jam !

Mexican Brittle Snow Cookies

To much fun making and in the middle of each is almond paste. I ground up the brittle into a powder which in turn made the cookies a bit crunchy on the outer shell !!!


Here is my fruitcake biscotti !! Yumme

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Madame Alexander Dolls

Ok I know these are from that fast food place with the arches but the dolls are to cute to pass up. They came in handy to fill up Santa's basket. The toy blue train was mine as a child.

Coconut Peanut Cashew Brittle

Will be making my snowball cookies today or tomorrow. Love the crunch in these cookies!

Girl Scouts Forever !

Awh Smores I learned how to make these when I was a Brownie in Scouts. I make them different by using a different kind of cookie, still good and tasty ! And they are more FUN with GOOD Friends!!!

Kitchen Helper

Oh Ho HO Ho HO HO Ho Ho HO

The Mail Must Go Thru No Matter What !

Received my swap box and this is how it arrived. Hope all is in the box and none trickled out along the way !!! Bummer ~but that loose red button just stayed in the box til it arrived at it's new home !!!!

Wild Salmon With Pasta

Last nights supper was so good ,quick and easy. Broiled the Salmon with added spices on top of salmon, ready a pot of water on the stove eye to boil your pasta. Chop veggies ,add pasta to boiling water,then stir fry the onions ,mushrooms,garlic,your favorite green veggie,and add your spices a pinch of salt, pepper ,dill fresh or dried. Drain hot pasta,into a large bowl add lots of  grated cheese( I used an Irish cheese called Dubliner) and cream,toss in the veggie mix and toss with two forks. Add hot pepper flakes if you like spicey. Remove salmon from broiler and break up with fork over the pasta mix well again and serve with hot bread.  Yumme your going to have your family purring in no time !

In The Pink

My last dotted quilt to finish,so the hunt is on for the perfect fabric !


Another quilt top in the works ,have to find the right material to continue !

Star block

A friend of mine taught me how to make this style of block. I have got to make some with Reds and greens for Christmas pillows next year !!!

Polka Dot Quilt Top

Working on this Quilt still have to scout down more fabrics to finish this festive top~


Hello Out There